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UX Architect. Creative Consultant. Self-Proclaimed Badass.

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UX Designer. Creative Consultant. Self-Proclaimed Badass.




Hi my name is Sonny Yonkman, and I'm a 28 year old nerd. I'm married to the love of my life, and father to a pair of babies that were born simultaneously. I've been in California for about two years, I used to live in Orlando, Florida -- and before that I grew up in the wonderful wasteland of Michigan.

I work primarily in everything. Which makes absolutely no sense right? I solve problems. Problems of every scale, of every platform, every medium. I'm the kind of person that HAS to know how something works at it's core, and when I'm confronted with a problem I go all OCD finding a viable solution. This has lead to a very diverse skillset, which has been instrumental in the success of my clients, and my own professional career. I need to be constantly challenged. The closer the problem teeters on the line of impossibility, the more fun I have. I'm always seeking the next challenge.

Like I was saying before, I have to know how things work at their core. I was the kid in the neighborhood who never had nice things because he was always taking them apart, learning how they work, and then modifying them for whatever reason--Just to see if it could be done.

I utilize the same mantra in adulthood; break it down to it's core, figure out how it works, put it back together in a way that best suits the given need. Simplification over Complication. Simplification through Knowledge, the more Knowledgable you are, the less complicated the situation is, the more Simplified the tasks will be. It's all about keeping it simple. If you'd like to hear more about my methodology and work-flow processes, drop me a line and say hello.

Drive Fast, Take Chances, Love Fiercely & Live Forever. Signature of Sonny Yonkman - Handwritten

What I Do For Fun (Read: Money)

Interface Design

Conceptual Branding

Information Architecture


Project Management

Creative Direction

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"Never Forget Where You Came From."


BS Digital Art & Design

Full Sail University (Orlando, FL)

Heavy emphasis on conceptual branding and print design with an absolute hate for the web. This is hilarious because when I got into the print industry I realized I hate print, and fell in love with interface design for the web.

Graduated Feb 2010

Project Managment Professional Certification Course

Project Management Institute (Orlando, FL)

Required ceritifcation course for the PMP credential, a week long all-day course focusing on every aspect of Project Management from conceptualization, viability, risk assessment, resource procurement and allocation, critical path methods, to Monitoring & Control.

Jan 2012


Interactive UX Architect

Specialty Equipment Market Association [SEMA]

Conceive, design, build, and promote the adoption of innovative technology products, services, and solutions to maximize the user online experience with SEMA web properties and manage UX work-streams and programs to optimize internal and external work-flow processes.

June 2013 - Current

Events Marketing Manager

Specialty Equipment Market Association [SEMA]

Manage all aspects of SEMA Show and Events online and offline marketing campaigns from start to finish including project requirements, work order assignment, trafficking, soliciting bids, overseeing production and fulfillment and monitoring process.

August 2012 - June 2013

Technical Project Manager - SocialCRM/CMS

Avectra, Inc. [Avectra]

The master of all things CMS between the 4 different software platforms offered by Avectra. Creating timelines, deadlines, deliverables, functionality solutions, work flows, risk assessment, quality control -- the whole shebang. I’ve also been known to design templates, buildout functionality and get my hands dirty, when the situation demanded it.

December 2011 - August 2012

Implementation Manager

NFi Studios [NFi Studios]

Proactively manage customer-centric communications surrounding business requirements, service offering, project deliverables and service quality, to ensure that the customer’s expectations are met. Conduct project kickoffs, establish team communications, and facilitate meetings Clearly communicate project goals, roles, responsibilities both internally and externally. Communicate customer status and escalate concerns, and issues to management as needed. Manage customer issues for priorities, escalation, and resolution. Provide weekly updates, follow-through and exceptional customer service to clients. Provide training to internal operations and clients on delivered applications and services. Update and maintain product knowledge base for internal and customer/partner reference.

December 2010 - December 2011


Yonkman Design Group, Inc. [YDG]

Finally, a Yonkman that made something of himself... for almost a year (6 months of it I sustained myself 100% through YDG profits)! But, I couldn’t do everything all the time -- and we weren’t charging enough for me to hire sales people. Clients include: Evans Financial Planning, Global Marketing Network, Mist and More, and the City of Oviedo, Boulder Area Realtors Association, Miami Realtors Association, Porter Street Garage, BA Motorsports, The City of Hope, Project Hope (through the City of Hope), Ish Jiminez from West Coast Customs, Specialty Equipment Market Association (see how I ended up in California?)...

January 2009 - August 2012

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2014 Expo's Digital Excellence Awards

Best Digital Marketing Campaign
2013 SEMA Show
See: Introducing EXPO's Digital Stars

Received: March 2014

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